Exclusive Limited Edition Skylanders Characters

In recent months we have seen a number of special Limited Edition Skylanders Characters released. Many of these figures have been prized by collecters and sold for extraordinary amounts of money on eBay and Amazon. If you are very lucky you might stumble across one in one of your local stores!

Here is a quick summary of the Exclusive Limited Edition Skylanders we have seen so far.

1. Gold Skylanders

There are now 3 gold Skylanders: Flameslinger, Drill Sergeant and Chop Chop.

Gold Skylanders Characters

2. Silver Skylanders Characters

There are now 3 silver Skylanders: Eruptor, Boomer and Dino-Rang.

Silver Skylanders

3. Metalic Cynder

A metalic purple, toy fair exclusive of Cynder has been selling for lots of money!

metalic cynder

4. Pearl Hex

Another Toy Fair exclusive that has been selling for huge amounts of money is the pearl version of Hex. Can be found on eBay.

Pearl Hex

5. Blue Bash

A translucent blue Bash figure was released in Spring this year.

Skylanders Blue Bash

6. Crystal Skylanders Characters

There have been 2 crystal figures released, these are Cynder and Stealth Elf. They have been found randomly on shelves, some in triple packs with other normal Skylanders.

cynder crystal stealth elf


7. Glow in the Dark Skylanders Figures 

Recently 3 Glow In The Dark Skylanders figures have been appearing on shelves. These are Wrecking Ball, Zap and Warnado.

glowing wrecking ball glowing zap glowing warnado

8.  Flocked Stump Smash

Lucky people who won  a recent Frito Lay’s competition got a limited edition Stump Smash character. The figure looks like he is covered in moss, as he has been flocked, giving him a velvety feel. Apparently there were 7,334 of these figures!

flock stump smash







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