Series 1 Skylanders Figures

Series 1 Skylanders Figures are those characters released in the first Skylanders game, calle Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. There were 32 Skylanders produced in all for this video game, and in addition there were also some Legendary versions and exclusive limited edition versions, but more on that later!

The 32 original figures belong to eight different Skylanders Elements. These Elements are Fire, Water, Tech, Air, Undead, Life, Earth and Magic. Four Skylanders characters were produced for each of the different elements. All Of the Series 1 Skylanders figures have a green base, as opposed to the series 2 figures which have an orange base.

Series 1 Magic Skylanders

These magic figures all stand on a base decorated with moons and stars. Skylanders belonging to the magic element, all use the power of magic to defeat enemies. The Series 1 Magic Skylanders are Spyro, Wrecking Ball, Double Trouble and Voodood.

Skylanders Spyro Skylanders Double Trouble Skylanders Wrecking Ball Skylanders Voodood

Series 1 Fire Skylanders Figures

These Fire Skylanders figures stand on a base decorated in flames. All Fire Skylanders use fire and lava to detroy enemies. The Series 1 Fire Skylanders are Eruptor, Ignitor, Flameslinger and Sunburn.

Skylanders Eruptor Skylanders Flame Slinger Skylanders Sunburn Skylanders Ignitor

Series 1 Undead Skylanders Figures

The Undead figures in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure stand on a base decorated with a Skull. The Skull glows in the dark. Undead Skylanders use the power of the Undead to defeat enemies. The Series 1 Undead Skylanders are Cynder, Chop Chop, Hex and Ghost Roaster.

skylanders hex Skylanders Cynder Skylanders Chop Chop Skylanders Ghost Roaster

Series 1 Life Skylanders Figures

Life Skylanders figures have a base that is covered in green leaves. They use the power of living things to damage enemies in the game. The Series 1 Life Skylanders are Stealth Elf, Camo, Zook and Stump Smash.

Skylanders Zook Skylanders Stealth Elf Skylanders Stump Smash Skylanders Camo

Series 1 Earth Skylanders Figures

The Earth Element Skylanders have a base that is covered in brown rocks and turquoise crystals. This group of Skylanders use the power of earth and rocks to defeat enemies. The Series 1 Earth Skylanders Figures are Terrafin, Bash, Prism Break and Dino-Rang.

Skylanders Terrafin Skylanders Prism Break Skylanders Dino-Rang Skylanders Bash

Series 1 Water Skylanders Figures

The Skylanders belonging to the Water Element all have a base covered in  turquoise water. This particular set of Skylanders use the power of water and the ocean to defeat enemies. The Series 1 Water Skylanders figures are Gill Grunt, Zap, Slam Bam and Wham Shell.

Skylanders Wham Shell Skylanders Zap Skylanders Slam Bam Skylanders Gill Grunt

Series 1 Air Skylanders Figures

The Air Skylanders figures have a base that is decorated in clouds. Many of these figures use the power of the wind and storms to defeat their enemies. The series 1 Air Skylanders are Lightning Rod, Warnado, Whirlwind and Sonic Boom.

Skylanders Lightning Rod Skylanders Sonic Boom Skylanders Warnado Skylanders Whirlwind

Series 1 Tech Skylanders Figures

The Tech Element group of Skylanders figures all have a base that is covered in dark gray cogs. These Skylanders use the power of technology to destroy enemies. The Series 1 Tech Skylanders are Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant, Boomer and Drobot.

Skylanders Trigger Happy Skylanders Boomer Skylanders Drill Sergeant Skylanders Drobot

Series 1 Legendary Skylanders

The Legendary Skylanders have slightly different colored figures. They also have slightly different stats. Legendary Skylanders look different in the video game too. This is different from the special edition Skylanders figures, that might actually look the same as regular  characters in the game. The Series 1 Legendary Skylanders are Legendary trigger Happy, Legendary Chop Chop, Legendary Bash and Legendary Spyro.

Skylanders Legendary Spyro Skylanders Legendary Chop Chop

Skylanders Legendary Bash Skylanders Legendary Trigger Happy

Series 1 Special Edition Variant Skylanders

These series 1 figures are often very rare, and can can fetch high prices on sites such as Amazon or ebay. Some of these special edition figures have  been produced especially for event such as toy fairs, other are produced for special promotions or bundle packs and other just appear randomly in stores alongside the regular figures. Here is a list of the Series 1 rare color variants:


Crystal Stealth Elf

Crystal Cynder

Crystal Wham Shell

Red Drill Sergeant

Blue Bash

Gold Prism Break

Gold Chop Chop

Gold Flameslinger

Silver Boomer

Silver Eruptor

Silver Dino-Rang

Flocked Stump Smash

Metallic purple Cynder

Dark Spyro

Chrome Spyro


If we have missed any Series 1 Skylanders Figures oof the list, please let us know.

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