Series 3 Skylanders Figures

The big news at the moment is that Activision have announced their third Skylanders video game, known as Skylanders Swap Force. Skylanders Swap Force is due for release in Fall 2013. This awesome new video game will introduce  16 new Swap Force figures, that you will be able to take apart and combine together in 256 different ways. It will also include 16 brand new core figures, probably two from each Skylanders Element, and 8 new lightcore figures. In addition there will be 16 returning Skylanders known as Series 3 Skylanders. We will go into much more detail about these swappable characters, new figures and lightcore figures in another posts, but today we are concentrating on Series 3 Skylanders figures.

What Are Series 3 Skylanders Figures?

Skylanders Swap ForceOK, to answer this question, lets go back to the beginning of the Skylanders Franchise! The very first Skylanders game was Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, released in Fall 2011. This game introduced 32 Core Skylanders figures. In addition to these, there were a number of special edition, and legendary figures. These 32 regular figures are the Series 1 Skylanders, and four were produced for each of the eight Skylanders Elements (fire, water, earth, life, undead, magic, tech and air). All the original figures have green plastic at the bottom of the base

In Fall 2012, Skylanders Giants was launched. This introduced 8 Giant figures, 8 Lightcore figures and 24 returning Skylanders. ¬†Therefore 24, of the original 32 Skylanders figure returned for a second time. These figures are known as Series 2 Skylanders. Series 2 figures have a different pose than the original series 1 toys. Some have different weapons, or slightly different appearances. All series 2 figures have orange plastic at the bottom on the base. There is not a huge amount of difference between Series 1 and two figures. The series 2 toys feature a special ‘Wow Pow’ upgrade power, and look slightly different but that is about it.

In Fall 2013, Skylanders Swap Force will arrive. We now know that 16 characters will be returning. These toys will be known as Series 3 Skylanders. Activision’s website states that the returning figures will have new in-game powers and abilities. They also have said that all original Series 1 and 2 figures will play in the Swap Force game. We expect that these Series 3 figures will also have a slightly different pose to the Series 1 and 2 toys, and we also know that they will have blue plastic at the bottom of their base.

We have only seen images of one Series 3 Skylander so far and this is Series 3 Stealth Elf.

Series 3 Skylanders Steath Elf

Series 3 Steath ElfSeries 3 Stealth Elf looks quite different from the original figures. She is wearing a black ninja suit, and a mask that covers half her face, and the top of her head. Series 2 Stealth Elf also carry’s different weapons. She is posed with two large gold weapons. She stands quite differently too, she has one leg up in the air, as if she is in the middle of a powerful kick!

Once we have any additional information on Series 3 Skylanders figure we will update this page.



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