Skylanders Camo

Skylanders Camo was one of the very last figures released in the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure video game. This created a huge amount of excitement for Skylanders fans, and when he was finally released he didn’t disappoint! Unfortunately, Activision did not bring Camo back in the sequel  Giants. Now with news of a third game called  Swap Force, due to be released in Fall 2013, the question is will he return for a second time? I hope so, as he is great fun to play, and has some cool abilities. His figure is pretty awesome too.

Skylanders CamoSkylanders Camo is a strange combination of half- dragon and half-plant. This plant dragon was hatched at the roots of the Tree Of Life, and has life energy flowing through all of his scaly leaves. This gives him incredible powers, that allow him to produce exploding fruit and veg at an accelerated rate. Learning of His great power, Master Eon persuaded Camo to become a Skylander, and fight against the evils in Skylands.


The Skylanders Camo Figure

Skylanders CamoThe figure has green plastic at the bottom of the base, to show he is designed for the Spyro’s Adventure game. The base of the figure is decorated in green leaves which shows he belongs to the Life Element group. Being a plant dragon, he is covered in green leaves, however he still looks pretty ferocious. He is covered in yellow spines, and has large red feet with long sharp yellow tallons. He is posed ready to attack

A Video of From Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Playing Skylanders Camo

As you would expect, his abilities are related to growing plants and vines, however he can also shoot life energy from his mouth. He begins the game with two basic abilities.

Sun Burst – Primary Ability – He can produce a blast of concentrated Life energy in the form of a tiny sun, to destroy enemies.
Firecracker Vines – Secondary Ability – He can make rapidly growing vines, with explosive results.

He has a number of upgrades, including:
Searing Sun Blast
Peppers of Potency
Melon Fortress

Product Information on Skylanders Camo

He is now available in a single character pack. His is also available in a triple pack with Warnado and Ignitor

For more product information, click on the image or text links below.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Single Pack Camo

Activision Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Triple Character Pack: Ignitor, Warnado, Camo


Skylanders Camo

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4 Responses to Skylanders Camo

  1. masson says:

    quand va sortir camo,lithnig rod,zook en france ?

    • admin says:

      Zook and Lightning Rod are due to be released in March in the US. At present I have not seen them. I presume that they should be released in Europe at a similar time? Camo I think will be one of the very last to be released, we have no information yet.

  2. Cecelia says:

    Ive seen lightning rod , zook, and ignitor in-stores. No camo sighting though :(

  3. skylandercollector88 says:

    i havent seen camo and he and stealth elf are the only life skylanders i need