Skylanders Empire of Ice Adventure Pack

There are four Skylanders Adventure Packs, that unlock exclusive new worlds in the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Game. The Skylanders Empires of Ice  Adventure Pack is an icy and snowy adventure. This adventure pack contains an exclusive Skylander Slam Bam, a location piece, the Ice Cave and two Magic Items, the Sky-Iron Shield and the Anvil Rain.

Skylanders Empire Of Ice Adventure Pack

When you place the Ice Cave on the Portal Of Power, you are taken to a whole new world of the Empires of Ice. The Empires of Ice World  is home to a number of areas including the Village of Vindlevale.

The story behind the Skylanders Empire of Ice Adventure Pack is that the Skylanders are brought to the Empires of Ice world by Haldor, the Great Northern Wizard. Haldor wants the Skylanders to save his village of Vindlevale from the Ice Ogres. The Ice Ogres have locked out the sun from the village by building a giant wall, and turned the village into an icy wasteland. Then they started invading the place and snow ball fights begin.

A story scroll, tells of the greatest catapult ever built called “The Leveler“. The Leveler has helped defend Vindlevale for centuries, and without it the village has no chance of defeating the Snow Ogres. The Skylanders must find all the components of the Leveler, and help the wizard Halnor defeat the Snow Ogres.

A Video of Gameplay in the Skylanders Empire of Ice Adventure (note the player is using Sonic Boom, rather than Slam Bam)

Skylanders Ice CaveThe Ice Cave is used in the Ruins (The Ruins is the main hub world in the Skylands), when placed on The Portal Of Power,  it allows the Skylanders access to the Empires of Ice Chapter.  It also does damage when placed on the portal during a chapter.


Skylanders Anvil RainThe Anvil Rain causes anvils to rain down from the sky for a limited time, when the figure is placed on the Portal of Power.


Skylanders Sky-Iron ShieldPlacing the Sky-Iron Shield on the Portal Of Power causes a temporary increase in the strength of a Skylanders Armor.




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Activision Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Pack Empire of Ice

The figures in the Empire of Ice Adventure pack, can also be purchased new/used individually .

Skylanders Spyros Adventure LOOSE Mini Figure Slam Bam Includes Card Online Code

Skylanders Spyros Adventure – Empire of Ice location only (Loose, Includes Card and Code)

Skylanders Spyros Adventure LOOSE Mini Figure Anvil Rain Includes Card Online Code

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Mini Sky-Iron Shield with Online Code Card

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