Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini

Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini is an exclusive variant of Ninjini one of the eight actual Giants from the Skylanders Giants video game. The regular Ninjini figures is now on general release in the USA and there  are small number of Scarlet Ninjini figures on the internet on Amazon and Ebay, but due to their limited number, prices of these figures have rocketed. This is because Scarlet Ninjini has been released in some European coutries, but not yet in the US.

scarlet ninjiniNinjini and Scarlet Ninjini are both Magic Element Skylanders. All of the actual Giant Skylanders feature LightCore technology, so both Ninjini and Scarlet Ninjini will light up when placed on or near the Portal of Power.



How are Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini and regular Ninjini different?

ninjiniAll we can say for sure at present is that they differ in appearance. Whether their stats vary also is unknown. Both Ninjini and Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini are impressive looking characters. Ninjini has a bluish complexion and bright red hair. She wears a purple outfit. Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini has a greenish complexion and dark brown hair. Her outfit is of course scarlet red!

 Product Information on Scarlet Ninjini

Scarlet Ninjini is available in a single character pack in limited numbers. You can find the figure on sites such as eBay or Amazon.

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Scarlet Ninjini Activision Skylanders Giants


In addtion to Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini there are other variants in the Skylanders Giants video game. Some of these variants have already been released, while others we are still waiting for. Already available in stores and online are Granite Crusher and Punch Pop Fizz. Granite Crusher is a special version of the Earth Element Skylander Crusher. This variation is sold exclusively by target stores, but Granite Crusher can be found online on Amazon. Punch Pop Fizz is a red variation of the Magic Skylander Pop Fizz. Punch Pop Fizz is sold exclusively with the Starter Pack for 3DS. Royal Double Trouble is a purple variant of Double Trouble. Royal Double Trouble is sold exclusively by Gamestop as part of the Moblie iOS Starter Pack for Skylanders: Battlegrounds.

Not yet in stores and online, is Jade Flashwing, a green version of the Earth Skylanders Flashwing. Also we have yet to see Gnarly Tree Rex, a blue version of the Life Giant Tree Rex. We have also learned of a variant of the Air Skylander Whirlwind, called Polar Whirlwind. Polar Whirlwind looks the same as series 2 Whirlwind except the figure is completely white. The last variant from Skylanders Giants that we are aware of is Molten Hot Dog. Molten Hot Dog is a yellow version of the canine Fire Element Skylander Hot Dog.

Activision really have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure there are some exclusive variants of our favorite Skylanders. In addition to these special characters, there are legendary version of some figures. So far Skylander Giants have released Legendary Stealth Elf, Legendary Slam Bam, Legendary Jet-Vac, Legendary Ignitor and Legendary Bouncer. If this is not enough, have also produced different colored versions of some figures, these include a glow in the dark Fright Rider, and stone versions of Series 2 Zook and Whirlwind. We hope you enjoyed our post on Skylanders Scarlet Ninjini.

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