Skylanders Giants Characters

Skylanders Giants is the awesome new video game sequel to Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. This is a totally new game and features some characters from the original game, as well as a whole range of new Skylanders Giants Characters.


A Video Explaining Many Of The New Features Of The Giants Video Game

To play the game you need either a  Starter Pack or Portal Owners Pack. The Starter Pack is for those people who did not have the original game. The Portal Owners Pack is for those people who already have Spyro’s Adventure.

The Starter Pack

Skylanders Giants Starter PackThe Skylanders Giants Starter Kit  is available on the Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3, XBox 360 and 3DS. The pack for Wii, Wii U, XBox 360 and Playstation 3 contains the  video game, a Portal of Power, a poster, trading cards and 3 figures. The figures are Tree Rex (a Giant Life Element figure), Jet-Vac ( a brand new Air figure) and Cynder ( a returning Undead figure, that has been reposed). The Starter Pack for the 3DS contains all the same tigns as the other starter packs, except instead of Jet-vac, there is a special edition of Pop Fizz ( a magic element figure) called Punch Pop Fizz.

The Portal Owners Pack

Skylanders Giants Booster packSince those people who already have Spyro’s Adventure have a Portal of Power, there is no point buying the Starter Pack. The Skylanders Giants Portal Owner Pack for 3DS, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii and Wii U contains  the Video game and a single Giant figure Tree Rex ( a life element figure). In addition, the pack includes a poster and a trading card.

Also any of the characters that you had from the first game, you will be able to use in the Giants Game.


How to Play Skylanders Giants

The player acts as the “Portal Master”, and begins by placing one of the Skylanders Giants Characters onto the Portal of Power, the character is then instantly transported into the the video game adventure. The player can change the character that they are playing with, by simply by swapping the figure on the portal.

skylanders giants

Friends can play together, by placing two figures on the portal at the same time, and even play against each other in special mini games.

Skylanders Giants PortalThe amazing thing about the figures is that all the character levels you have played, and any equipment or treasure you have collected are stored within the toy itself.  You can take your figure around to a friend’s house and all your upgrades will go with you. These characters will play on all consoles, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Wii and your friend has an Xbox 360.

This game features many new Skylanders Giants characters. It will be a relief for many parents to learn that any existing figures  that  you  already own, are completely compatible with the new game, and any upgrades or customizations you have will still remain in the Giants game. In addition, the Skylanders from the original game will be able to level up to 15.

Skylanders Giants Characters

This awesome game introduces some new Skylanders Giants characters, and some returning characters:

The Giants

There are 8 actual Giant figures in the new game, one for each of the 8 elements. These giant figures are around twice the size of regular figures. They also feature new LightCore technology, which means thaat they light up when placed on or near the Portal of Power.

These figures have special in-game abilities that regular Skylanders Giants characters  lack, such as being able to smash into some buildings and lift up huge boulders. However there are other tasks which it will be better to use a regular Skylander, ensuring that players will want to use both Giants and regular figures to complete the game.

The Giants are:

Bouncer – Tech Type
Hot Head – Fire Type
Tree Rex – Life Type
Swarm – Air Type
Crusher – Earth Type
Ninjini – Magic Type
Eye Brawl – Undead Type
Thumpback – Water Type


For more detailed information on each of the Skylanders Giants characters above, click on the corresponding link at the right of the page.

The LightCore Skylanders Giants Characters 

There are 8 LightCore Skylanders Giants Characters (in addition to the Giants, which are also LightCore), one for each of the 8 elements. These Lightcore figures light up when placed on or near the Portal of Power. Four of these LightCore figures are returning characters from the first game, and 4 are completely new.

The New  LightCore Figures are :

LightCore Skylanders GiantsShroom Boom - Life Type
Jet Vac – Air Type
Chill – Water Type
Pop Fizz – Magic Type



The  LightCore figures are:

lightcore Skylanders GiantsEruptor – Fire Type
Prism Break – Earth Type
Drobot – Tech Type
Hex – Undead Type

For more detailed information on each LightCore skylanders giants characters, click on the corresponding link at the right of the page.




The New Regular Skylanders Giants Characters

There are 8 completely new regular  Skylanders Giants Characters, one for each element. Some of these regular figures are also available as Lightcore figures. These are:

new Skylanders Giants charactersShroom Boom – Life Type
Jet Vac- Air Type
Hot Dog – Fire Type
Chill – Water Type
Fright Rider – Undead Type
Sprocket – Tech Type
Flashwing – Earth Type
Pop Fizz – Magic Type

For more detailed information on each Skylanders Giants characters, click on the corresponding link at the right of the page.

The Original Skylanders Characters Reposed (series 2)

Twenty Four of the original characters from the Spyro’s adventure game have been re-released for this game, and are known as series 2 Skylanders Giants Characters. The figures are stood in a different pose, and may have different weapons.Each of the series 2 Skylanders have a new “Wow Pow” upgrade power and the ability to choose more than one upgrade path.  Also it is reported that the series 2 Skylanders can be played in the original Spyro’s Adventure game. These are:

Trigger Happy, Drill Sergeant, Drobot – Tech Type
Prism Break, Bash, Terrafin – Earth Type
Whirl Wind, Sonic Boom, Lightning Rod – Air Type
Double Trouble, Spyro, Wrecking Ball – Magic Type
Stump Smash, Stealth Elf, Zook – Life Type
Ignitor, Eruptor, Flameslinger – Fire Type
Gill Grunt, Zap, Slam Bam – Water Type
Hex, Cynder, Chop Chop - Undead Type

Skylanders Giants

For detailed information on all the reposed series 2 Skylander figures, click on the links in the right column of the page.

All of the figures in this new game have an orange base rather than he green one in Spyro’s Adventure. The game has been designed with 3 levels of difficulty called Easy, Normal and Hard. There is also a 4th unlockable “Nightmare Mode”. This mode is unlocked only when you finish the game! We hope you found this imformation about the Skylanders Giants characters interesting!

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    awsome pics i really like them

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    awsome pics i really like them

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