Skylanders Hot Dog

One of the newest Skylanders figures to arrive in stores is called Skylanders Hot Dog Skylanders Hot Dog. This awesome new figure is available in a single character pack and as part of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack.




Skylanders Giants Hot Dog  is new in the Giants game, and therefore not part of those original figures from Spyro’s Adventure. His playful, puppy like appearance and striking red flames, will I am sure, make him a well liked character.

fire elementFrom looking at his apperance, it is obvious to see that Hot Dog is a Fire Element Skylander. These characters use the power of fire and lava to destroy enemies. Fire Type Skylanders are represented by the color Red. Fire Skylander figures have a stand that is decorated in flames.

The Story of Skylanders Hot Dog

Skylanders Hot DogHot Dog was born in the belly of the Popcorn Volcano. While on a nearby mission, a team of Skylanders had come across the stray fire pup when the volcano erupted and Hot Dog came rocketing straight into their camp, accidentally setting Gill Grunt’s tent on fire.




Using his nose for danger, he helped the Skylanders complete their mission – even pouncing on a lava golem like a blazing comet when it threatened his new friends. After displaying such loyalty and bravery, Hot Dog was brought back to Eon’s Citadel where he became a Skylander – and then he proceeded to bury Eon’s staff.

A Video of Skylanders Hot Dog in Action

Product Information on Skylanders Hot Dog

Hot Dog is available in a single character pack. He is also available as part of the Scorpion Stirker Battle Pack along with Series 2 Zap. For more product information on Hot Dog, click the image or text link below.

Skylanders Giants Hot Dog

Skylanders Giants Battle Pack #2: Zap – Scorpion Striker – Hot Dog

Screen Shots of  Hot Dog

Skylanders Hot Dog   Skylanders Hot Dog

Skylanders Hot Dog   Skylanders Hot Dog

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