Skylanders Legendary Spyro

Skylanders Legendary Spyro

Skylanders Legendary Spyro is a rare counterpart of Spyro in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Apart from his colors and stats, Legendary Spyro is the same as regular Spyro. Spyro hails from a rare line of magical purple dragons that come from a faraway land few have ever traveled. He has been on many exciting adventures, and has a remarkable knowledge of the different lands he protects, more so than any other Skylander. A strong-willed dragon who is young at heart, Spyro is fearless and brave. A true hero dedicated to defending his world from all things evil.

A Video of Legendary Spyro

Legendary SpyroSkylanders Magic Element is a Magic Skylander. This type of Skylander uses the powers of Magic to defeat their enemies. The color of this element is purple. Magic Skylanders in their toy form stand on a pedestal decorated with moons and stars.

Legendary Spyro plays in exactly the same way as ordinary Spyro, except for his color and stats.

Legendary Spyro’s Basic Abilities (these are available at the start of the game)
Dragon’s Fire – Primary Strength – Spyro breathes balls of fire, to destroy enemies.
Horn Charge – Secondary Strength – Spyro charges at enemies, knocking them over with his horns.

Legendary Spyro has many upgrades, including:
Spyro’s Earth pound
Spyro’s Flight
Comet Dash
Stun Charge


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Legendary Spyro, along with Legendary Bash and Legendary Chop Chop, make up a Skylanders Triple Pack, that is a Toys R’ Us exclusive, due to be re released on February 17th. However they can now be purchased on Amazon.

Skylanders Spyros Adventure Mini Figure Character 3Pack Legendaries Spyro Legendary, Chop Chop Legendary BashLegendary

Single unpackaged new/used Legendary Spyro Skylanders are also available

Skylanders Spyros Adventure LOOSE Mini Figure LEGENDARY Spyro GOLD WIngs Includes Card Online Code


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Skylanders Legendary Spyro

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