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One of the most exciting feature of the new Skylanders Giants video game is the introduction of LightCore figures. This super cool technology causes the LightCore figures to light up when you put them near or on the portal. We are pleased to announce  LightCore Hex  is one of these amazing new figures.   Hex is also available  regular Hex in the new game.

skylanders hexHex was one of the first female Skylanders in the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure video game.  She was a very popular character, and one of the Undead groups of figures. If you have one of the original series 1 Hex’s,  it will work in the new Giants game. Also, you can also now level up your Hex from 10 to 15 in the Giants game.


The LightCore Hex looks different from the original series 1 Hex. LightCore Skylanders glow when placed on or near the Portal of Power. LightCore Skylanders also cause an inital blast of energy when the enter the video game. This can be used once per Skylander figure, per level.


skylanders hexThe new regular series 2 Hex, has a different pose again.  The new Hex figures feature a new “Wow Pow” upgrade power, and have a choice of more than one upgrade path. The new Hex figures can  be used in the original Spyro’s Adventure game, however the LightCore version cannot.


undead elementHex is easily identified as an Undead Skylander, as she stands on a pedestal covered with a white skull THis family of figures, use the power of the Undead to destroy enemies. The color of the Undead Element is black/white.

The Story of Skylanders  Hex

Skylanders LightCore HexLong ago, Hex was a gifted and powerful sorceress who traveled deep into the underworld to confront the Undead Dragon King named Malefor, who made several attempts to capture her to learn her secrets.


Though she successfully battled the dragon, Hex returned from the underworld changed – having unwillingly joined the ranks of the Undead.  Many are wary of her since her transformation, suspecting she has used her powerful magic for evil purposes.  But Eon trusts her, and views her as a most valuable Skylander ally.

A video of Skylanders LightCore Hex in Action

Product information on Skylanders  Hex

The LightCore version of Hex has not been released yet, but Skylanders Giants regular Hex is available in a single character pack.

For more product information on the regular Giants Hex, click on the image or text link below.

Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Hex

Screen Shots of Skylanders LightCore Hex

Skylanders LightCore Hex   Skylanders LightCore Hex

Skylanders LightCore Hex

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