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Recently released, Sprocket is a female Tech Element Skylander from the amazing Skylanders Giants.Sprocket was not in the line up of characters from the  original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure video game. A great addition to the Tech group of figures, Sprocket looks like a formidable opponent with her huge spanner and dark sunglasses.

Tech element Tech Element Skylanders use the their knowledge and technology to eliminate enemies.  Orange is the color that represents this family of Skylanders. Tech Skylander Figures have a  edestal decorated with cogs and gears.

The Story of Sprocket

Skylanders SprocketSprocket was raised with all the privileges of a rich, proper Goldling. But she cared little for fancy things. Instead, she spent most of her time growing up in her uncle’s workshop, learning how to build and fix his many mechanical inventions.





But everything changed on the day her uncle mysteriously vanished. When she eventually discovered that Kaos had been behind his disappearance, she constructed a battle suit and went after him, leaving the luxury and comfort of her family’s wealth behind. From that moment on, Sprocket was dedicated to fighting the forces of evil, while never losing hope that she would be reunited with her beloved uncle.

A Video of Skylanders Sprocket in Action

Product Information on Skylanders Sprocket

The awesome  Sprocket is available in both a single character pack, and in a triple character pack with Sonic Boom (an air Skylander) and Stump Smash (a life Skylander).

For more product information on Sprocket, click on the image or text link below.

Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Sprocket

Activision Skylanders Giants 3 Pack Sonic Boom Sprocket Stump Smash

Screen Shots of Skylanders Sprocket

Skylanders Sprocket  

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