Skylanders Stump Smash

Skylanders Stump Smash is one of our family’s favorite Skylanders Characters. He was one of the first figures that we got in the original Skylander: Spyro’s Adventure game and we all have a soft spot for him! He’s great fun to play in the game itself, with his huge smashing mallets, and the toy is pretty cool too. He returned again in the sequel Skylanders Giants, but I don’t know yet whether he will be one of the the 16 returning figures in the Skylanders Swap Force Game. This brand new video game is due for release in Fall 2013, and once I have any additional news I will update this page.

Skylanders Stump SmashSkylanders Stump Smash, has a pretty sad tale to tell. He was once a magical tree, who lived a peaceful life in the forests of the Skylands. He spent most of his time sleeping, until one day he awoke to find the whole forest had been chopped down by trolls, and this included Skylanders Stump Smash himself. His beautiful long branches had vanished, and in their place were two powerful mallets. He put these to good use immediately by destroying the Trolls’ tree cutting machinery. He then decided to become a Skylander and help defend the Skylands from evil and trolls!

Series 1 Skylanders Stump Smash

Skylanders Stump SmashThis is the original figure from the Spyro’s Adventure video game, and all figures from this game have green plastic on the bottom of the base. The Series 1 figure has a base that is decorated in green leaves and this identifies him as a Life Element Skylander. As he used to be a tree, the figure looks pretty tree like! His body looks like a tree trunk, and he has a fairly grumpy face. Where his hands would be there are two huge tree trunk mallets, which look like he could do some series damage! The Series 1 version can be played in the Skylanders Giants game.

Series 2 Skylanders Stump Smash

skylanders giants stump smashThis version  was designed for the  Giants game, and has orange plastic at the bottom of the base. The Series 2 figure has a slightly different pose and color. The mallet fists he has are different too, and look like they have spikes on the bottom of them. In addtion to looking different, the Series 2 version also plays slightly differently. It has an extra “Wow Pow” upgrade power, and at a certain point in the game there is a choice of two different upgrade paths. You can either concentrate on improving Stump Smash’s Stumpfist attacks or his Acorn or Megacorn abilitites. The Series 2 version can be used in the original Spyro’s Adventure game.

Series 3 Skylanders Stump Smash

At present I do not know whether a Series 3 version will be part of the Skylanders Swap Force Game. I certainly hope so, as he is a great character. All I know for sure at this point is that Stealth Elf is definitely one of the returning 16. Once I have any additional information, I will update this page.

Skylanders Flocked Stump Smash

flocked stump smashThis very rare figure is a flocked version of a Series 1 figure. Flocked Stump Smash was never on sale in stores, but was a Frito Lay exclusive. Only 7334 of these rare figures were ever produced, and were only available to those lucky people who had winning bad of Frito Lay chips. This Frito Lay promotion only ran for a short time and ended in Spring 2012, however you can find this rare figure on sites such as Amazon or eBay. However, because he is so rare, if you want him be prepared to pay a lot of money for him!



Skylanders White Flocked Stump Smash

Skylanders White Flocked Stump SmashThis White Flocked Stump Smash was created for the Skylanders Giants video game. Only a very limited number of these figures were ever produced, and appeared on store shelves at random. It is basically a Series 2 figure, but covered in a white flocked material. Because these figures are so rare, they do sell on sites such as eBay and Amazon, for high prices. Although White Flocked Stump Smash looks really awesome, he looks and plays just like a regular Series 2 version in the video game.

A Video from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Product Information on Skylanders Stump Smash

The Series 1 figure is available in a single character pack and in a triple pack along with Series 1 Drobot and Series 1 Flameslinger. The Series 2 version is available in a single character pack and a triple pack along with Series 2 Sonic Boom and Sprocket. Flocked Stump Smash and White Flocked Stump Smash are available in single character packs from sites such as Amazon or eBay.

For more product information, click on the photos and text links below.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Stump Smash

Activision Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Stump Smash

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Limited edition FLOCKED Stump Smash – Extremely Rare and Collectible

Skylanders Giants White Flocked Stump Smash EXTREMELY RARE

Max’s Review

I like him, as his moves do a lot of damage. He can make nuts shoot out of his mouth. He can use a hammer attack. His hands are like hammers so I wonder if he has a hard time eating dinner. He  can and get an upgrade which is a fun upgrade, if you smash a Meganut it turns into lots and lots and lots of nuts.  I have a cool hat that doesn’t  really do anything. It’s a top hat and us his speed a little bit I guess. My favorite move is Meganut.

Skylanders Stump Smash Screenshot

Max’s Video Review of Stump Smash

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