Skylanders Zap

Skylanders Zap is a Water Dragon figure, who was first introduced in the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure video game. He was popular with  fans, and a very rare glow in the dark version of his figure was produced too. He returned in the Skylanders Giants game, as part of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack. I don’t know at present if Zap will be redesigned for the upcoming Skylanders Swap Force Game. Due for release in Fall 2013, the only thing Activison have said about Swap Force with regard to returning figures is that there  will be 16 and Stealth Elf will be one of them.

Skylanders ZapAlthough he is a water dragon, Zap was raised in the seas of Skylands, electric eels. He is a very friendly creature who is liked by all sea creatures except dolphins. This is because when he rides the waves alongside the dolphins, he regularly shocks them by accident. Despite this he is a powerful protector of all sea life in the Skylands.

Series 1 Skylanders Zap

skylanders zapThis is the figure designed for the Spyro’s Adventure video game, and so has green plastic at the bottom of the base. Skylanders Zap belongs to the Water Element group of Skylanders and so has a base decorated with turquoise water. The figure itself is really cool, as he has a pretty ferocious expression and looks ready for action. As I mentioned above he is a water dragon, and he is blue with green spines. He wears a yellow vest, which is supposed to harness his electric charge. This Series 1 figure will also play in the later Giants game.

Series 2 Zap

skylanders zapThe Series 2 figure has a slightly different pose, although looks just as cool! This figure has orange on the bottom of it’s base, showing that he is a Series 2 figure created for the Giants game. This figure plays slightly differently im the game too. Series 2 Skylanders Zap has a special “Wow Pow” upgrade power, and at a certain point in the game theere is a choice of two separate upgrade paths. You can either choose to improve his Lightning Breath and Wave Attacks or his Sea Slime Skills! This Series 2 figure can also be used in the original Spyro’s Adventure game.

Glow In The Dark Zap

zap-glow-in-darkThis is really a pretty awesome figure. Glow in the Dark Zap was produced for the Spyro’s Adventure game. This special figure was produced in much lower numbers that the regular version, and so has become quite rare, and a bit of a collectors item. This figure is essentially the same as a Series 1 figure, but painted in glow in the dark paint. Although he looks really cool, he actually plays and looks the same as the regular figure in the game itself.


A Video from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure


Product Information on Skylanders Zap

The Series 1 figure is available individually in a Single Character Pack. He is also available in a triple pack with Series 1 Hex and Dino-Rang. The Series 2 version is available as part of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack, along with the Scorpion Striker Catapult and Hot Dog. The Glow in the dark figure is available on sites such as Amazon or eBay in single character packs.

For more product information, click the images and text links below.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Zap

Skylanders Giants Battle Pack #2: Zap – Scorpion Striker – Hot Dog

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: Glow in the Dark Zap – Extremely Rare and Collectible Variant

Max’s Review

I like that he can shoot thunder bolts very fast and he leaves behind sea slime that electrocutes enemies. Sometimes I write letters with it. I like it when he makes a wave that you can let go and it does damage, this is an upgrade. My favorite move is the wave attack.

Skylanders Zap

Max’s Video Review of Zap

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