Silver Skylanders

Silver Skylanders Figures have become some of the rarest Skylanders toys out there. Only a very limited number of these figures were ever produced, and many people who want to complete their Skylanders collections are willing to pay a lot of money for the privilege of owning a Silver Skylander! In all there are only three Silver Skylanders. These were all manufactured for the original Skylanders game, called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.The three Silver figures are Silver Eruptor, Silver Dino Rang and Silver Boomer.

Silver SkylandersIt is important to know that although these rare silver toys look awesome, the figures themselves behave in the same way as their regular counterparts, and look like the standard characters, when they appear in the video game. They also have the same stats as the ordinary toys, so basically the only difference is that the figure is painted silver!

The Silver Skylanders were sent out randomly in limited numbers to retailers and found on the shelves alongside the regular versions. Not even the stores know which figures they would receive, and since only a small number were ever made, most silver figures were snapped up straight away. These elusive silver toys then started appearing on sites such as eBay and Amazon, for huge amounts of money. You can still find them today, but be warned, they don’t come cheaply!

Silver Boomer

Skylanders Silver BoomerThe Silver version on Boomer looks really cool. Boomer is a Tech Element figure, that didn’t actually make it to the Skylanders Giants game. He is quite a comical figure, with large pointed ears and big eyes, who holds sticks of dynamite. Boomer is supposed to be a troll who loves blowing up things.

Skylanders Silver Dino-RangSilver Dino Rang

Dino Rang is another Skylanders character that didn’t make it to the Skylanders Giants game. Silver Dino Rang looks pretty awesome, as he is some sort of warrior Dinosaur! This figure, like the other Silver Skylanders is very rare, and people pay a lot to own him.

Silver Eruptor

Skylanders Silver EruptorSilver Eruptor is my favorite of all the Silver Skylanders toys, as Eruptor is one of my favorite characters. Eruptor is a Fire Element figure, who is made from molten lava. The silver version of him looks really cool, and you could almost imagine he was made out of molten silver!

Product Information on Silver Skylanders

You can still find Silver Skylanders  on sites such as Amazon. For more product information on any of the Silver figures, click the image or text below.

SILVER Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure ERUPTOR Figure

SILVER Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure ERUPTOR Figure

SILVER Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure BOOMER Figure

We do not know whether there will be any Silver Skylanders produced for Skylanders Giants. Activision have just announced that a third Skylanders game known as Skylanders Swap Force is due to be released in Fall 2013. We are hoping that there might be some new Silver Skylanders in the future, as they look so awesome! Hopefully some of them will be reasonably priced too.

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